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Bord Na Móna

Contact: Sharon Doyle, Head of HR

Our Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Vision

Our purpose is to create and provide an equal, diverse, and inclusive environment where colleagues bring their whole self to work and take a great sense of pride in working for an employer who promotes Equality, Diversity, and Inclusiveness.

We recognise the importance of having an equal, diverse, and inclusive organisation and we strive to create a culture of inclusion, mutual respect, and equal opportunities for colleagues.

We welcome and promote diversity and inclusion, and we encourage our colleagues to embrace the values of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Our Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Activities

Bord na Móna is committed to furthering our journey towards building an equal, diverse, and inclusive society. With colleagues at the heart of everything we do, it is important to understand our diverse colleagues’ preferences and build a culture where we embrace our differences in the workplace.

We are very passionate about creating an environment where our colleagues feel respected and where they can thrive and lead happy, healthy lives.

Our EDI journey began last year with a robust plan and since then we have launched several initiatives:

  1. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Training:

    1. The Senior Leadership Team attended an inclusive Leadership Training to demonstrate that they take responsibility as leaders and lead by example.

    2. We have introduced mandatory inclusive leadership training for our people managers.

    3. HR colleagues have attended 3 different training sessions-inclusive leadership, inclusive recruitment and train the trainer training.

    4. All colleagues will be mandated to attend an unconscious bias e-learning and virtual training session in the coming months.

  2. Accreditation: We have been accredited the Bronze and Silver awards with the Irish Centre for Diversity and are working towards achieving Gold standard in the next 24 months for our focus on diversity.

  3. Benchmarking and Feedback Survey: we have conducted a colleague survey to assess and understand their expectations and requirements to enable us to build an equal, diverse and inclusive organisation and we are now in the process of implementing actions following the feedback from our colleagues.

  4. ED&I Strategy and action plan: following the results of the survey and recommendations from ICFD, we will develop and implement a fit for purpose, robust Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion strategy.

  5. Policy Review: We have reviewed and updated our HR policies to ensure we promote equality, diversity, and inclusion. We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to ensure that our procedures do not put any person at a disadvantage while ensuring we offer flexibility to those, when required. We are developing return to work programs to assist working parents and employees returning from long term absence also. The reviewed policies are circulated to colleagues and colleagues also received policy training.

  6. Employee Resource Groups (ERG): We have successfully established two Employee Resource Groups (ERG) last year while also aiming to create other Employee Resource Groups following feedback from the ED&I colleague survey. In addition, our Mental Health Ambassadors group will launch formally as part of October Mental Health Week. 14 colleagues from across the company are trained in Mental Health First Aid, who

    1. The first ERG- Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) steering group was established in May as part of our Diversity day celebrations

    2. The second ERG- Mental Health Ambassadors (MHA) group was launched in October as part of International Mental Health Week. 16 colleagues from across the business completed Mental Health First Aid training and they will offer the required mental health first aid support to colleagues within their business units. Our aim is to break the stigma associated with mental health and to encourage colleagues to reach for support.


  1. Mental Health Support: We have partnered with IBEC to train our people managers on mental health wellbeing and this training is due to start in May 2022. We are reaching out to external organisations to create awareness and support. We are currently reviewing our recruitment, selection, and training practices to attract, develop and retain people from all levels and create an inclusive work environment. We are looking to partner with AsIam, SeeChange, AHEAD and Women’s Aid.

  2. We will aim to focus on incorporating ED&I in all aspects of employee life cycle. Recruitment and selection, training and development, performance, and talent management etc.

Our Reasons for Signing Diversity Charter Ireland

We would like to be a part of the network where we can learn from each other to promote and embrace the culture of building an equal, diverse, and inclusive world.