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Contact: Laura Blanco, EU Public Policy Manager

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Vision

Diversity, equity and inclusion are core to Etsy’s culture. We’re committed to building a workplace where people of all backgrounds and walks of life can come, stay and thrive. We know that diverse and inclusive teams build more creative and innovative solutions that strengthen our business and reinforce our values.

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Activities

Etsy approaches Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by developing specific, measurable and time bound goals related to racial and gender diversity that recognise the importance of the three DEI pillars. To support diversity, Etsy runs apprenticeship, internship, and mentorship programs, as well as maintaining partnerships with external organizations and conferences with diverse communities. Our inclusion-related activities include a global Employee Resource Group program, companywide inclusion training, and an internal resource center called “The Collaboratory” for working inclusively in an environment that blends in person and virtual interactions. The Collaboratory shares best practices like setting individual working hours, sending agendas in advance, tips for inclusive hybrid meetings, and when to select synchronous or asynchronous methods for getting work done. To maintain equity, Etsy conducts regular pay equity audits with an outside firm and shares results with employees, publishes diversity data annually, and weaves anti bias training into learning programs for managers and all new hires. Etsy measures success through careful tracking of representation, hiring, retention, engagement and qualitative employee feedback. Additionally, Marketplace DEI, supplier diversity and Environmental goals and activities are also published in our annual 10-K filing. Most recently we’ve been recognised amongst the ‘Best places to work for LGBTQ equality’ (HRC); ‘100 best places to work’ (BuiltIn NYC); Best Large Places to Work (BuiltIn NYC); Best Perks & Benefits (BuiltIn NYC); Top 100 U.S. Companies Supporting Healthy Families and Communities (JUST Capital); America’s Largest Public Companies Leading the Way for Women in the Workplace (JUST Capital); Leading on Leave (National Partnership for Women & Families); and Etsy’s inclusion in Bloomberg's Gender-Equality Index; amongst other recognitions.

Our Reasons for Signing Diversity Charter Ireland

We hope to contribute to the Charter activities and discussions by talking about the ways Etsy promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, both for our employees and for the community of sellers we enable. In particular, we hope to support the European Commissions’ policies and priorities in this space and offer ourselves as a resource to help advance a diverse, equitable and inclusive work culture and community in Europe.