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Momentum Educate + Innovate

Contact: Sanja Ivandic, Intercultural and EU Projects Specialist

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Vision

Momentum Educate + Innovate has been an advocate for incorporating the diversity of COMPETENCIES into a flexible, modern & community-based education for years. We provide highly accessible, inclusive learning opportunities for the most vulnerable groups in society, and we support social enterprises with inclusion social missions. We want to contribute to the Irish and EU society full of equal opportunities and we do so by advocating, educating, researching and forming partnerships around intercultural diversity and inclusion, building positive narratives around diversity in race, ethnicity and every other type of heritage diversity. We support social enterprises employing people with disabilities. We are also currently initiating a cross European project on combating LGBTIQ speech.

Our staff, our networks and our mindsets are diverse and that is our pride and joy.

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Activities

The Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme has been influential in the position of youth across Ireland, & MMS is a key player in its local delivery. SICAP is a national programme which works to help tackle poverty, social exclusion & long-term social exclusion through local engagement & partnership between disadvantaged individuals, & community organisations & public sector agencies, including youth actors. SICAP programme is relevant to this project in that it aims to empower disadvantaged communities & individuals to play a greater role, together with other stakeholders, in addressing social inclusion & equality issues. It fosters principles of participation, empowerment, capacity building, collective action & decision-making in a structured way.

We design and implement many projects in the inclusion field, such as:

  • Include me – fostering inclusion through peer-to-peer mediation

  • ERASMI – a project supporting networks of organisations working with migrants and refugees

  • Include her – a project bringing digital competencies to female migrant higher education students.

MMS has shown leadership in the West of Ireland through our role in founding local/regional partnerships that contribute to better outcomes for diverse communities in the region. MMS co-founded the Creative Communities Igniting Change partnership in the West of Ireland, bringing together diverse local stakeholders in youth, VET & the creative industries to work together to develop the creative sector as a stimulator of training, job creation & community regeneration. It involves enterprise, education, youth & community stakeholders.

Our Reasons for Signing Diversity Charter Ireland

We feel we have both a lot to share and a lot to learn when it comes to inclusion. We want to actively pursue positive dialogues with inclusion stakeholders, inform about the opportunities in education with a focus on inclusion and connect with other organizations that do so, all in order to maximise the impact of our inclusion-oriented projects and efforts.