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Network Ireland

Contact: Dr Aisling O’Neill, President

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Vision

Network Ireland was established in 1983 and our mission is to be the leading representative organisation for Irish women in business, the professions, the arts, trades and industry.

The Aims and Objectives of the Organisation are:

  1. To provide a forum for women in the Professions, Industry, Business, Trade, Government Departments in the public service and the Arts for the exchange of ideas and to establish or increase contact at a business level.
  2. To enable members to assist and encourage each other to achieve more effective and satisfying careers.
  3. To assist and encourage women in the on-going development of their careers.
  4. To assist in marketing the skills and expertise of members
  5. To promote and encourage high ethical standards in relation to business affairs.
  6. To liaise with National and International Organisations.
  7. To establish and maintain links at all levels with Government and State Agencies.
  8. Through the combined efforts of the members, to promote the welfare of women in the Community for the benefit of the community at large.

In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion and as an organisation we seek to ensure that membership is accessible to all women in Ireland.

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Activities

In our work to ensure that Network Ireland is inclusive and accessible to all women in Ireland, we have been working with inclusio to work with our membership to uncover our current levels of diversity and identify areas where there are gaps to be addressed by the organisation. The team in inclusio is in the final stages of designing the inclusio engagement tool for Network Ireland. We anticipate rolling this out with our members in January 2022. We had Elizabeth Adeyemo and Ciara Gibney from inclusio join a panel on diversity and inclusion at our national conference on October 8th 2021 to great response from our members to announce our partnership with inclusio to encourage maximum participation.

Our Reasons for Signing Diversity Charter Ireland

In recent years, in Network Ireland, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion. We are committed as an organisation to be accessible to all women in Ireland. Signing Diversity Charter Ireland is important to Network Ireland and the National Executive of the organisation unanimously voted to sign the charter at our meeting in May 2021. To us, being a part of Diversity Charter Ireland signifies our commitment to diversity and inclusion and being part of the collective signatory organisations in promoting the benefits of diversity, equality and inclusion in Ireland, Europe and beyond, is important to us.