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Contact: Caoimhe Scolard, Group D&I Lead

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Vision

At AIB we are committed to being representative of the diverse communities we serve. We also recognise that a diverse workforce brings diversity of thought which in turn helps support innovation, creativity and improved performance and decision-making – which benefits all our stakeholders. We work to ensure that AIB is a place where people can thrive, and one where inclusion is a universal experience. Colleagues need to know that they can bring their whole selves to work, safe in the knowledge we share similarities and celebrate our differences. No matter who we are, where we are from, and how we look, we all make a difference, and everyone should be given the chance and confidence to have their voice heard. Our working environment is one in which talented individuals of all backgrounds can realise their full potential, enjoying rewarding careers in the service of our customers.

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Activities

Inclusion is about the actions we take each and every day at AIB to show everyone they are welcome, respected and valued. AIB is committed to providing equal opportunities to, and supports for, all our employees. Our central teams adopt leading edge policies, procedures, work practices and employee offerings to ensure they are progressive and allow for equal opportunities for all.

Additionally, internally we have business-sponsored employee inclusion networks that operate group-wide. They cover all dimensions of Inclusion and Diversity such as gender, cultural background, abilities, family responsibilities and LGBTQI+ status. These groups are active year-round in raising awareness, building understanding, marking key celebrations and delivering positive outcomes.

Our Reasons for Signing Diversity Charter Ireland

AIB is a financial services provider that’s embedded in communities across Ireland. With over 9,000 staff and 2.8 million customers this makes us acutely aware of our responsibility to positively impact the societies in which we operate, as well as ensuring that within AIB everyone is supported to be at their best.

AIB is proud to support Diversity Charter Ireland as a signatory and to play our part in this community united in our commitment to ensure equality, inclusion and diversity is front and centre.