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Contact: Kim Barnes / Christine Carty, enior Director, Talent & Org Development / Senior Principal, People Business Partner EMEA

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Vision

Nuance’s AI solutions transform the way we connect and interact with each other, and that starts with a culture where everyone feels welcome, heard, and valued. Our team is stronger when our many diverse perspectives are celebrated – that’s how we deliver our best solutions for our company and our customers. Nuance is deeply committed to supporting all of its employees both professionally and personally, and to creating a workplace that is inclusive, diverse and equitable. 

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Activities

Diversity Hiring:

At Nuance, we know that hiring talent with diverse backgrounds and skillsets is a key ingredient for innovation which is why our recruitment processes are focused on improving our ability to identify the best, most diverse candidate pools. 

  • Ensuring gender-neutral language across all job descriptions company-wide 
  • Partnering with external organizations to identify and engage with diverse networks of candidates
  • Requiring diverse job candidate slates when hiring
  • Requiring diverse interview panels for all positions 

Internal Training & Resources:

Nuance hosts a variety of sessions focused on open, ongoing dialogues about fostering and creating an inclusive culture. We also have an array of tools and resources that provide additional information about becoming an ally and understanding constructs important to DE&I in the workplace.

Nuance Networks:

Our employees have formed our Nuance Networks to connect with colleagues and bring awareness about important issues to Nuance and our local communities.

  • Nuance Pride 
  • Women in Nuance (WIN) 
  • Black Employees in Nuance Group (BEING) 
  • Multicultural Association for Diversity Empowerment (MADE)

Tracking Diversity Metrics

We have stated clearly and publicly our commitment to diversity and inclusion at Nuance, and our management is focused on fulfilling this commitment. We pay close attention to our diversity metrics to ensure we are making progress. We measure gender, ethnicity, and age diversity, and our executive team reviews and discusses these metrics regularly.  Read our 2021 ESG Report.

Supporting our Corporate Partners

Nuance is committed to holistic partnerships with important non-profit organizations focused on supporting and improving diversity in our local communities and across the globe.

  • Technovation, a global organization dedicated to promoting technology education for young girls and their families
  • Thrive Scholars, provides high-achieving, low-income students of color with the opportunities they need to thrive at top colleges and in meaningful careers

Our Reasons for Signing Diversity Charter Ireland

Nuance is in complete support and alignment with the tenants and philosophy of the Diversity Charter Ireland. Like the Charter, we are committed to putting diversity, inclusion and equity at the core of our business activities and creating a culture and environment where our employees can bring their authentic and whole selves to work, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, age, disability and sexual orientation. We are committed to making Nuance a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive workplace where each individual is celebrated for being themself. Ireland is one of our critical hub locations and international headquarters, and we are proud to join the already impressive list of corporations, non-profit organizations, and institutions representing the Diversity Charter Ireland.